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Artis: Ca$his

Album: Turn Up

Lamanya: 03:40

Ukuran: 3.34 MB

Melihat: 3,937

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Ca$his- Turn Up
Ca$his- Turn Up, [Intro]
Turn up
Yeah bitch
King Ca$his
I'm Getting Mine

We bout that turn up
[yeah bitch]
We bout that turn up
[yeah yeah]
You see this weed getting burn up?
[money, money I get it]
We on that turn up
[yeah, yeah im with it]
We bout that turn up
[yeah bitch]
We bout that turn up
[yeah yeah]
You see this weed getting burn up?
[money, money I get it]
We on that turn up
[yeah bitch im with it]

[Verse 1]
Chopper on King Ca$h, a scary sight like Fredo nigga
If you folks, you my folks, fuck a hater nigga
I'm on an Opp Block, onions and potatoes nigga
Onions be them O's, and potato on that banger nigga
My lil bro Gucci, getting Nat paper nigga
And thats my blood, black p stone ranger nigga
Diss my lil nigga (what) you in danger nigga
I'll close range a nigga while you with a gang of niggas
I'm a Langley nigga, 79th bangen nigga
Eastside Chi 45, for a stranger nigga
Holes in the hallway, Goons in the bushes (bushes)
I'm with the shitz the long way, if you think i'm pussy (pussy)
Youngins in that gangway, I teach 'em how to slang yay
I was just one of them youngins slanging out on that gangway
K'd up, banged up, Getting mine everyday
Now I'm the supplier, still getting mine everyday


[Verse 2]
In new jeans with the wings, I'm holding 9'gz still
Feeling like a broke nigga, so I serve more nigga
I don't even eat, I put that on my mama nigga
I don't even sleep, I'm too busy getting green
I'm running up that cheek, cash out from the hood life
If you need a plug, for them squares of the good white
Bird call niggas, necked bitches on the floor like the bird bar nigga
I'm that swere young nigga
Absurd amount of figures might disturb y'all niggas
For them laws I'm with the shit like young Turk nigga
Caught up in the whirlwind, just me and my bitch
Yeah I wifed up my girlfriend, hear that nina spit
We hit 'em up, yeah bitch we hit 'em up
Fuck where they from, they muggen you my nigga we just hit 'em up
This life I live it up, get money I don't give a fuck
And if a nigga bus, I drop some bread to clean 'em up


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Tags: Hip Hop Music (Musical Genre), Eminem Presents: The Re-Up (Musical Album), Ca$his (Musical Artist), Shady Records (Record Label), Lil Wayne (Music Video Performer)

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